Wednesday, October 12, 2011

1 year..

fuhh..its been ages since i wrote here..byk tol prkra yg brlaku spjg tmph 2..newey, skrg i da keje kt Tanjung Offshore, kt still tinggl ngn fmly kt Putrajaya..(jauh x)???hehehe..da 6 bln pn keje kt 2 la msh lagi status :pekerja pe2 pn aq brsyukur & at the same time still waiting ble la nk keje ttp kn..erm..mcm2 da bljr kt cnie..skung nie keje lg tough..involve ngn project..even challenging tp srnk sbb dpt bljr benda br..bos pn steady n cool..hehehe..

one more thing, i already apply for the 'projek perumah 1 msia'..klu de rezeki then i can have my own house..insyaAllah..then there's another planning of buying my own car..but not until i'm permenant..

so far, thats it..till next time wif another story n news..

bubbye....salam. :)