Saturday, May 29, 2010


salam..alhmdulillah berahkir progrm upic gmbra tp dlm ms yg sm sedey coz kn tgglkn kwn2 yg br..sgt seronok camp nie..kenangan yg xmungkin aq akn lupakan..sgt ssh nk dpt g prgrm cnie..alhmdulillah aq terpilih n aq hrgainya..newey.nk upload gmbo pn xley coz lappy demam..then sume pic xley nk trnsfer kt pndrve sgt2 i'll try..
2 gambo grup member aq.. HITS 15 the best..

Monday, May 24, 2010

long time no see

da lm xsnggh cnie..quite bz 4 my university pathfinder investment camp (UPIC) kt stay hostel kt upm..da nk dkt final day n this thursday i'll be attending an interview..actually 3 interviews; maybank, cimb wealth advisors and bernama..4 the position of marketing executive..hehehe...insyaAllah..

ouh well..kt camp nie, i'm in grup 15 n ol is from different uni n it's very interesting that we were able to make new friends n also learn new things..especially things that relates to the real world..
1st week is going slowly, but in the 2nd week we were doing the outdoor activities such as, paintball, obstacle n so on n it's very exciting and fantastics...
anyway, the pictures i will download later since the internet connection is weak here in upm..till next tyme..wslm.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


akhirnya berakhir juga final exam smlm.. still gk tkt 2nggu kptsn kuar..huhuhu..
semoga sume paper lulus n dpt menamatkn pengajian ngn success..
the same goes to ol my fwenz..
hurm..sok da mle kem upic 2..
10 - 28..perghh..lm kowt..
tp xpe, gain more knowledge n experience..semoga at the end of the camp, i'm well prepared 4 the interview..insyaAllah..

Friday, April 23, 2010

alhamdulillah lega..

salam..lamany xsnggh cnie..huhuhu..
da lepas paper far600 pg td, lega la skt..
paper far la yg plg tkt..huhuhu..crrymrk pn skt..
tp alhmdulillah la td ley jwb, tp still la de wat nasi goreng, cm xtaw sedap ur xjela..huhuhu..
so skung, tggl 4 paper ag..
insyaAllah akanku hadapi ngn tabah..huhu..

selain brita pasal final exam 2k final sem ag story yg quite hepy..
aq dpt pnggln 2k sertai kem anjuran upic..alhmdulillah syukur sesgt coz t'plh..
kem 2 mle 10 - 26, kt ptrjya, tp tentative progrm xdpt ag la..
tp 2 la, last paper aq 8hb, cm de 1hr je nk relax2..huhuhu..
tp pe2 pn, aq hrp sgt yg aq berjaya dlm harungi kem 2..insyaAllah..
k la, till next time..

Saturday, March 27, 2010

warning letter!!!

khms ri2, blek je dr clss fin t'nmpk list nme pjg gle..suh amik surat kt level 12, tbe2 t'nmpk nm aq..da cuak da, xtaw surat pe..then smlm, g la nek level 12, ps clss far..nk taw x..upe2nya warning letter stating that i did not attend class for 2 months, starting 4th jan - 28th come!!!!! not only me, tp iekin, elly n jie pn dpt letter yg sm..wat worse is that, the letter is sent home, msk dlm student file..spe xskt ati kn..kte g clss kt xg..smk la tol2, xkn la xley trace..msk cls lompat ms mle2 sbb REGISTRATION PROBLEM..ngn clsh ag, tp attendance still, kteowg pn tnya EX-KP n dia suh jmp KP n talk bout it..this sem is very100x frustrating..everything is so messy n upside down..hopefully this prob cn be sttle's bout our record..wat if future employer sees bout this, are'nt they doubt bout taking us to work 4 them??????

Monday, January 11, 2010


argghh..geram + tensen ngn sistem pendaftaran nie..smpi ke sudah course maf620 xreg ag..xtaw la nk wat cmne ag..skung nie pown aq menumpang je clz stdnt pt 5..huhuhu..sian kn, tp nk wat cmne, dr xdpt pe2 bek attend je clz..tol x??..hopefully by the end of thiz week da sttle la sume nie, nk validate ag..insyaAllah..