Saturday, May 29, 2010


salam..alhmdulillah berahkir progrm upic gmbra tp dlm ms yg sm sedey coz kn tgglkn kwn2 yg br..sgt seronok camp nie..kenangan yg xmungkin aq akn lupakan..sgt ssh nk dpt g prgrm cnie..alhmdulillah aq terpilih n aq hrgainya..newey.nk upload gmbo pn xley coz lappy demam..then sume pic xley nk trnsfer kt pndrve sgt2 i'll try..
2 gambo grup member aq.. HITS 15 the best..

Monday, May 24, 2010

long time no see

da lm xsnggh cnie..quite bz 4 my university pathfinder investment camp (UPIC) kt stay hostel kt upm..da nk dkt final day n this thursday i'll be attending an interview..actually 3 interviews; maybank, cimb wealth advisors and bernama..4 the position of marketing executive..hehehe...insyaAllah..

ouh well..kt camp nie, i'm in grup 15 n ol is from different uni n it's very interesting that we were able to make new friends n also learn new things..especially things that relates to the real world..
1st week is going slowly, but in the 2nd week we were doing the outdoor activities such as, paintball, obstacle n so on n it's very exciting and fantastics...
anyway, the pictures i will download later since the internet connection is weak here in upm..till next tyme..wslm.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


akhirnya berakhir juga final exam smlm.. still gk tkt 2nggu kptsn kuar..huhuhu..
semoga sume paper lulus n dpt menamatkn pengajian ngn success..
the same goes to ol my fwenz..
hurm..sok da mle kem upic 2..
10 - 28..perghh..lm kowt..
tp xpe, gain more knowledge n experience..semoga at the end of the camp, i'm well prepared 4 the interview..insyaAllah..